À la Une chez notre client EMBA

Work-life balance: a booster named Geneva EMBA

Let’s start with some figures: the Swiss value work-life balance and flexible working hours. Despite global economic tensions, only 23% of the country’s workforce fears losing their jobs, and 66% would refuse any activity that disrupts this balance. Moreover, they are interested in their employers’ values and goals, with 57% willing to leave if these values do not align with theirs.

The topic of work-life harmony impacts not only the quality of recruitment but also the ability of individuals to collaborate effectively within the company. In addition to the legitimate demands for fulfillment that the professional framework entails, the new generations reject the idea of inherent powerlessness associated with salaried status. Digital transformation plays a significant role in this evolution: it unleashes the creative potential of millions of workers and creates an exciting alternative to independence.

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